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High-Def Debate Could Use Some Clarification

14 Jun, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

At last week's DVD Lucky 7, sponsored in part by Video Store Magazine, it became clear that one of the sticking points for the replicators is the data for Blu-ray. They'd like to test it.

Now, any politicos worth their salt will tell you that concealing a secret is often worse than fessing up (just ask Martha Stewart). At last week's conference, father of DVD and HD-DVD proponent Warren Lieberfarb was able to score some points with his Blu-ray-as-“vaporware” argument because the Blu-ray proponents would not publish their data.

While the Blu-ray team declared that their product was real, offering a demonstration, the HD-DVD argument that it may not be practical hit home because the Blu-ray team had not won over the replication community by offering specifics.

The simple revelation of such data would take a lot of air out of the HD-DVD argument. So I'm going to ask, what's the holdup?

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