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High-Def and the Super Bowl: A Marketing Marriage

7 Feb, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

Every year, HDTV gets a format boost from the Super Bowl. All those technogeeks interested in seeing the game in all its high-def glory invest in the expensive equipment. They yearn to impress their buddies with a Super Bowl party featuring the best home theater has to offer.

The high-def TV business has been doing very well. Consumers are spending more for their TVs. Average TV prices have risen 22 percent since 2001, driven by high-end TVs, according to data from NPD Group cited by USA Today.

While this may sound promising for the high-end TV retailer, this consumer for one is waiting for the high-def, flat-screen TV to get a little cheaper. While I'd love to get rid of the entertainment center that holds our clunky boxy TV, I just can't see plunking down $2,000 or so to make more room and get a better picture on selected programs.

Every time I think about buying that sleeker set, I gaze at the Xbox console my husband just HAD to have that he used for only a few weeks.

It's going to take a lot more than the Super Bowl to convince me to spend thousands on a set. Now, if only those cute flat-screen TVs would come down in price as quickly as DVD players …

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