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HDTV Is the Wave of the Future

2 Feb, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

I have seen the future at the Super Bowl — and it doesn't involve wardrobe malfunctions.

It's HDTV. My neighbor, who is an engineer, rigged a setup for the Super Bowl.

I have never seen greener grass or a clearer picture. The white and black stripes on the referee uniforms were crisp and clear — as was everything else (even wardrobe malfunctions).

It reminded me of the Microsoft demonstration of the high-def version of Terminator 2 during last year's “DVD in 50” conference. In a shootout scene involving a bouquet of red roses, the reds were the clearest red I've seen without looking at an actual rose. (Unfortunately, we never did get it to work on our home computer.)

High-def will most definitely become the new standard. It's head and shoulders over what you can see on even the best TV with the most pristine DVD. It's truly a leap forward, and the home entertainment industry will have to be prepared.

No doubt, I'm not the only viewer who sampled the HD broadcast of the Super Bowl. Each such HD event will cause more consumers to clamor for the same picture quality for everything they watch on television — including packaged home entertainment.

I look forward to the same picture quality on disc — and certainly the rest of the consumer public does, too.

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