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HD Opponents Looked Weary at CES

9 Jan, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

The HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc high-definition camps at the Consumer Electronics Show looked like two prize-fighters who'd gone several rounds — and were just hanging on until the last bell.

In contrast to last year's fireworks over the two formats, the presentations by the opposing formats were not much of a surprise. Many of the title and hardware announcements came out ahead of the CES events, draining some of whatever pizzazz yet another round of promises could offer.

While last year's CES announcements featured grand philosophical statements, numerous questions and surprising title lineups from the HD DVD team, the fact that this fourth quarter passed without a launch seemed to have deflated expectations.

Had the HD DVD player malfunctioned at last year's event, observers would have had a field day. As it was, it was only one more disappointment from a format that had promised to take the industry by storm last year — and had finished the year with a whimper and no titles.

Suffice it to say, nobody wanted this to happen. Practically everyone in the industry would rather not have another format war. But here we are. We're in the middle of a long and bruising fight — with an end that we hope will be evident soon.

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