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Getting the Show On the Road

22 Jul, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

I know the old saw that if you want something done, ask a busy person.

The saying is premised on the idea that busy people always find a way to squeeze in one more task or event.

This week we are getting ready for the VSDA show and, I must say, we are busier than ever with all the exhibitors and anticipated industry announcements.

That's great news for the show, which is shaping up (still!) to be the best in years. I have so many events and appointments that I might not make it to a lot of the parties.

Instead I'll be dashing from VSDA president Bo Andersen's opening remarks to lunch meetings, seminars and hastily organized news-sharing trysts, then off to write about them so you can all keep up in the show daily every day.

Not that I won't have fun or learn new things -- the seminar lineup looks like the most interesting and progressive slate in years. Sessions on digital technology, intellectual property and other legal issues and emerging business trends should draw great crowds.

I also hope to see the suites of a few new exhibitors to find out what else is coming up this year.

Is Bollywood going mainstream? Possibly -- Turner Classic Movies appears to have given over one night a week to the Bollywood format, so apparently there must be a demand for Indian Cinema. I expect to find out by visiting the folks at Eros Entertainment.

Who would want to miss Genius Products' “Get Down With the Clown” event -- if only to tell their friends they met a real Bozo at the show? This looks like the happiest happy hour on tap.

I'll apologize in advance to GoodTimes, for alas, I doubt I will have time to exercise at the crack of dawn and still get to my assignmetns. But y'all have fun and I'll resume my exercise regimen with their discs when I get home.

There's a new player on the vending machine field, Direct Vending; new product suppliers and a company offering interactive anime DVDs, all of whose exciting products I hope to see.

I'm hoping I'll get to spend some time with all the friends and contacts I work with all year long, often by long distance.

But if you can't seem to find me at the show this year, don't take it personally. Just look for the vapor trail and follow it until you catch up.

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