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Father Knows Best … About High-Def Trends

1 Oct, 2007 By: Kyra Kudick

This month Home Media Magazine reported a study (“Indifference Reigns,” HM, Sept. 2-8, 2007) that indicated 48% of consumer respondents didn't give a darn about buying either Blu-ray Discs or HD DVDs; 58% with an HDTV said they had no need for an HD player; and 27% said they would wait out the format war for a clear winner.

Thank you, Warner Home Video, for conducting a study that proves what I have been thinking all along — the average consumer does not care about this stupid high-definition format war.

I admit my opinion was not based on the most scientific research. It was more of a general consumer observation: my daddy's buying habits. Laugh all you want, but I swear the man is the perfect example of the average consumer.

Recently, my dad told me the family TV died (after more than a decade), and he went to Sears to purchase a new one. He said it just made sense to buy a flat-screen HDTV because the cost-effective models were almost the same price as tube TVs, and he might as well be prepared for the future of high-def.

That's my dad — always prepared. He did not, however, upgrade his satellite TV service to an HD package. Why? His cost-benefit analysis did not favor Direct TV. Not enough HD channels for the price. Therefore, he is waiting for more channels.

And as for purchasing a high-def player? I believe his exact words were, “Why? The DVD player works just fine.” I explained that the combination of standard DVD player and HDTV does not mean he is watching discs in high-def. He already knew that ... and didn't much care. His cost-benefit analysis didn't favor the high-def players, either. He plans to just wait until one format wins.

I suspect he will wait until his personal cost-benefit analysis favors HD DVD. I predict that will happen this Christmas when Wal-Mart offers an HD DVD player for less than $200. He will buy it, watch his standard DVDs in up-converted high-def and continue to wait ... for the future of HD.

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