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Faith-Based Living

8 Dec, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

When researching the growing trend by studios to reach out to church groups when promoting packaged media, I came across information that Tyson Foods (“We're Chicken”) is striving to be a “faith-friendly company.”

The Arkansas based meat and poultry company reportedly has 128 part-time chaplains in 78 processing plants across the country. I'm not sure if they are there to offer solace to the hapless chickens, workers or both.

I do know the company wants you to give thanks at mealtime with prayer for the opportunity to enjoy (presumably) a Tyson's bird. On the company's Web site (Tyson.com) you can download a PDF file with expressions of thanks in multiple languages and faiths.

“Thank you for the food we eat; Thank you for the friends we meet; Thank you for our work and play; Thank you, God, for a happy day.”

Now, I'm not a spiritual guy, but Tyson may be onto something. Maybe the studios and record labels should insert prayer in theatrical releases and related packaged media. You know, thanking us for purchasing — not illegally downloading — their product.

Maybe the cast could open a movie by thanking the consumer for affording them “a happy [and lucrative] day.” Unless, of course, it's a low budget film and the wannabe “stars” worked for less than scale.

Giving thanks, then, can be relative. One person's thankfulness at being entertained could be another's bliss for creating that entertainment for little compensation. Thus, I think prayer should be left up to the individual and definitely off my chicken or DVD.

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