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Extras Matter

16 Oct, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

Whenever I watch a film I really like, I can't help but go to the extras. Recently, I viewed The Da Vinci Code and perused the extras afterward looking for more clues in the mystery. Certainly, there are numerous other DVDs that offer extra Da Vinci Code information, and I eat them up, too.

With all the discussion of downloading, the truly unique feature of DVDs (and before them, laserdiscs) has been lost. The DVD offers more than just the movie. It's a compendium of extra features that help flesh out the film and let viewers dwell a little longer with the subject.

There's something quite disappointing about viewing a DVD with no substantive extras. It's like cake with no icing. And extras are the one thing that packaged media can offer that downloads perhaps won't. Extras are something consumers have begun to expect, and downloading may disappoint on that count.

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