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Early Adoptress Goes Retro

28 Jun, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

To look at Danni Ashe is to think really big numbers. However, they're not the obvious ones (38-23-35, if you're wondering) that have transformed the pretty 38-year-old former exotic dancer and founder of Danni.com from early adopter to Internet “sex-sess.”

Ashe's Web venture — the adult portal also known as Danni's Hard Drive — features only soft-core girl/girl downloads, streaming, video-on-demand (VOD) and photos from a stable of 300 buxom models. At the height of the dotcom craze, the site grossed $5.2 million with a 35% profit margin. Not bad for a venture Ashe seeded with $8,000 earned stripping at many of Seattle's finest catwalks.

As the tech-savvy adult industry looks beyond DVD to VOD and mobile technology, Ashe is courting packaged-media and edgier content in a big way.

This year, Danni.com will average about one DVD release a week distributed online and through Pure Play Media, according to marketing manager Bill Rix.

Rix said the demand for edgier DVD product (i.e. penetration) in the adult market appears insatiable. To satisfy that need while remaining true to the girl/girl theme, Danni.com Aug. 1 streets Boobs of Hazzard 2.

“That speaks to our market research: As the times have changed, we need to change with them. And there is a greater demand for that,” Rix said. “We were a little behind the curve regarding the DVD market.”

He said the DVD “speaks” to a hardcore audience, whereas much of the company's traditional softer material is better suited for the Web and mobile distribution.

Unlike Europe and Asia, dissemination of adult content on portable media devices in the United States remains up in the air as lawmakers and telcos grapple with legal and morality issues.

“I think [packaged media] still has three strong, maybe five decent years ahead,” Rix said. “There are so many revenue streams available to the adult industry if you can satisfy all the different niches. I think we are trying to straddle [many] worlds.”

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