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DVD Sets: Just What the Doctor Ordered

10 Nov, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Bless you Buena Vista.

That's what I was saying between sneezes last weekend.

Holed up, sick in bed, I rifled through my DVD stash and pulled out my “Alias” and “Gilmore Girls” complete season DVD sets for two reasons: One, I needed something to take my mind of how miserable I was feeling and two, these sets have that beautiful “play all” feature that provides nearly four hours of viewing with just one push of a remote button.

Sure, sometimes I would groggily skip through the opening and closing credits of a given episode, sometimes I would even fall asleep for the better part of an episode. But it was great sickbed entertainment that required a very low physical investment from the sickie in question.

Now, if I had been feeling well, I likely would not have used the “Play All” menu option, though I probably did on my first round of viewing the sets.

Normally, when watching TV DVDs, I choose the episodic menu option. But I rarely just watch one episode in a sitting.

I know I'm not the only one. One “Alias” lover I know told me he and his wife were addicted to the show on DVD. At 1 a.m. during one viewing session they looked at each other and, knowing they both had jobs to get to in a few hours and kids to get off to school, said, “Just one more episode?”

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