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DVD Is a Gift for All Seasons

9 Feb, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

I shopped at a local drug store this week for a Valentine's Day gift, as many consumers did. I waded through numerous rows of candy, cards and balloons in various shades of red and pink — your standard stuff. But I was surprised to find some of the shoppers perusing another gift for the season — $5.99 DVDs.

I buy my husband his favorite box of candy every year for Feb. 14. It costs about $4 and is gone in a few days. If my husband weren't such a Turtles nut, I might spring for the extra $2 and get a DVD that would last for years. And these were good movies. There were selections for sweethearts of all tastes — especially those who like classics. I saw several John Wayne films, some Charlie Chaplin silents and numerous Cary Grant features, including one of my favorites, His Girl Friday.

In this business, we've talked about videos as gifts for years, especially at Christmastime, but this is the first time it struck me that DVD had expanded into the lesser holidays. Who wouldn't consider giving a $5.99 DVD instead of flowers or chocolates? In many cases, it costs less and the recipient views it as more valuable and lasting. Flowers die. Candy is eaten.

Much has been written about DVD outvaluing the music, game and theatrical experience — drawing buyers and revenue from these industries. But, for my money, DVD also trumps flowers and candy. Look out, FTD.

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