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DVD Expands Viewing Experience

7 Jun, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

I confess. I don't get anime. But I'm trying. Last week, while I was on vacation, I watched Akira, one of the classic anime features of all time.

I finished the film pretty confused, but luckily the DVD extras offered ample explanation, including a glossary of terms that helped explain some of the major plot points in the film.

Without those extras, I'd be left in the dark — unable to appreciate a film that influenced so many. But my curiosity was rewarded with extras that helped me understand the film better and appreciate it — even if I still don't count it among my favorites.

I've often noticed that some films get better on the second or third viewing, while others get worse. Platoon, for instance, needs only one viewing in my mind, while Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket reveals layers on second and third viewings. Both are about the same subject, the Vietnam War, but one is less accessible on first viewing.

Just another advantage of DVD. It makes film connoisseurs out of anime dunces like me.

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