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Do You Want Fries With That Disc?

14 Jul, 2003 By: Stephanie Prange

Have you ever seen a magazine with a VHS insert?

Didn't think so.

It's been done with DVD.

Have you ever seen a cereal box with a VHS cassette shrinkwrapped to the back?

Not likely.

But Columbia TriStar did it with kids' product on disc.

DVD's compact format and cheap duplication opens up numerous distribution possibilities that suppliers are only beginning to tap. Netflix built its online rental model on DVD's compact size (it's easy to mail back and forth). Kiosks are suddenly back in vogue. A shaky niche in the clunky VHS era, the kiosk business has been rekindled with DVD as its compact shape makes the business model much more palatable.

But more is possible.

The Convex Group, a newly formed media and entertainment company, and Regal theaters have teamed to deliver a CD-ROM that fits on the top of fountain drinks sold at theater concession areas.

Couldn't it be done with DVD?

Video and theatrical promotion are already growing closer, with DVDs containing theater tickets and synchronized franchise releases, such as the recently announced Matrix Reloaded debuting on video as the final installment in the series hits theaters.

While plopping a VHS cassette on top of your fountain drink seems patently silly, it might be the ideal distribution channel for a short-form film on DVD.

It's an even more likely avenue for promotional content for DVD. No doubt, the marketing gurus are already working on it.

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