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Convalescing is Catch-Up Time for DVD Watching

17 Dec, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

I had a minor surgery Friday, which in itself was no fun at all. But it gave me a rare opportunity to veg in front of the TV catching up on some unwatched DVDs, guilt free.

After all, one of the reasons we collect DVDs at all is to watch the stuff we've missed while we were too busy interacting with humans to sit in front of the one-eyed monster. But that opportunity, at least for me, seldom presents itself. So I spent much of my weekend immersed in old favorites, guilty pleasures and new fare I just hadn't gotten around to yet.

I was surprised at how much I liked Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I mean, how much mileage can you get out of a story built on a seven-minute theme park ride? Quite a bit, it turns out. I expected Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom to be the only reasons to watch this flick, but it turns out the storyline was amusing and the references to the ride sprinkled throughout worked much better than I thought they could. I'm not sure how many more rides Disney can milk for movie plots — “It's a Small World” is maddening as a ride, so a movie would almost have to be saccharine-sweet.

In any case it was great relief from Pirates of the Middle East, aka the Saddam show. Call me cynical, but that capture was awfully coincidental with the revelation that Halliburton overcharged the government $61 million for fuel deliveries to Iraq. Time magazine managed to have a photo of Saddam on its cover on newsstands Monday, a feat that should win an Oscar for best choreography.

I switched off the news and retreated to Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns. Plexifilm's rockumentary about the surreal band They Might Be Giants was a little too long, perhaps, but any fan of the band should see it. We've always known these guys were a half a bubble off plumb, but this movie makes us thankful for it.

I caught up on some episodes of Paramount's “CSI” series. I had started watching with the first season, but other priorities drew me off before I could finish the second. The show is great fun and great to keep your mind occupied while laying on the sofa convalescing with a warm dog in your lap.

I plan to watch more over the holidays — between parties and family gatherings. But it was nice to have some time to catch up before that.

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