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9 Mar, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

I am obsessed with the issue of storage space.

Perhaps part of it stems from the fact that I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and while I am blessed with an unheard of amount of closet space, I often look at the piles and piles of books, CDs and DVDs snaking around corners, stashed in every cubby, and I worry about the future.

It's not so much that I am obsessed with the collection I already have, though that's certainly a factor (the thought of ever packing up and transporting my books again makes me content to stay put in this apartment forever). It's that I am worried about where I am going to put “the rest of it.”

That is, the “rest of it” that is to come.

Lately I am on the lookout for the perfect shelving unit that will fit snugly between the small area of wall to the right of my front door. What I could do with the right-sized piece in that spot!

I could rearrange so many items onto that shelf, thereby freeing up the corners and cubbies for the forthcoming “rest of it.”

I'm just one person and I am this obsessed, it makes me so sympathetic to the retailers in the market. It's not just all the current SKU's on their mind, it's that giant, looming, neverending “rest of it” figure too.

I'm like this with regard to virtual storage, too. I am so tempted to rip all my CDs into Betsy (my iPod-shaped best friend), but every time I rip a CD I find I am obsessed with checking to see how much space is left on Betsy.

I have to balance my desire to have access to every single song or album I have ever purchased at my fingertips with my desire to buy so many new songs or albums every time I listen to “Morning Becomes Eclectic” or. heaven help me, whenever I step foot inside Amoeba Records.

This virtual space issue will soon begin to rear its head in earnest I believe. Video-on-demand is great, it's lovely, it's wonderful, but I can't help but think, every time someone gets excited about a new content deal or digital delivery option, “where are we going to KEEP it all?!?”

I find myself, ME, yes, me the anti-technophile, scouring the weekly circulars collecting pricing information and specs on external hard drives. Not because I am out of space now, but because I plan to be out of space sometime in the future.

“Star Trek” had it right from the get go. Space, most definitely, is the final frontier.

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