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Confessions of a TV DVD Addict

10 Mar, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Help. I'm stuck in a rut of TV DVD viewing. But think I could probably be one of the likeliest examples of why the segment is booming these days.

My viewing pattern of this product usually goes like this: I get the newest set of whatever show, I watch it from start to finish several episodes at a time, then go back and watch favorite episodes over again, sometimes following those through the content of a disc or even the whole season.

I recently went through Angel Season 3 in a nearly nonstop session, even though I had already seen every episode on its original airing and knew exactly what was going to happen.

I toted the set on a trip to Arizona and commandeered my sister's DVD player for a day or two. My brother, not normally an “Angel” watcher, sat through several episodes in a row with me, though I will say I did offer to turn it off and let him watch something else, but he was nice enough to stick it out.

A few hours later, I remember sheepishly asking, “OK, there's just one more episode, do you mind?”

“Well, now I have to watch it,” he said, “I'm all into it.”

Great, I'm creating another monster.

Lately I find myself diving into sets like 24, Smallville, Alias, Roswell, any number of the many Buffy or Angel seasons in my stash and popping in a disc to keep me company. I don't have cable, so I use these sets for programming when there's nothing (or sports) on network TV.

I watch an episode here and there while I'm getting ready for work, getting ready to go out, washing dishes or vacuuming (after all I've already seen it.)

My problem is I have a slew of other DVD movies I would really like to watch, but many times, when I reach for a new disc with a film on it, I find myself switching over at the last minute to a favorite TV episode.

It's like I have to have that instant gratification, that “45-minute experience.” If I have time, I can keep selecting eppy after eppy until the disc runs out. I'm like the guy in About a Boy, parceling my life out in segments — and mine equal the runtime of a TV show without commercials.

I even find myself attempting to hit the skip button on my remote after the teaser for a favorite show when it's airing in its regular network time slot.

And now, “Gilmore Girls” is coming out on disc. Great, there goes another 50 hours of my life when you include rewatching.

I'm like a drug addict. And like a drug addict, I'm sure there are plenty of others like me out there — I actually know some of them personally.

But, I wonder, what's going to happen as the complete-season sets pile up on DVD shelves and in my own personal collection. Will addicts like me be able to keep up the habit? Or will the lure of movies or exercise or spending time with family and friends curb our cravings for TV on DVD?

There are only so many hours in a day you know.

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