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Clash of the Titans

8 May, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

The next-generation HD DVD vs. Blu-ray high-definition format battle enters a major skirmish this week at E3. It's Sony combating Microsoft for dominance in the living room.

I certainly didn't expect it to be this much of a nail-biter.

HD DVD got a major push from the giant Microsoft, which has now confirmed an HD DVD add-on to the Xbox 360. That puts the combined cost (next-gen game system and rumored add-on price of $100) in line with the rumored price of the PlayStation 3, which will play rival HD movie format Blu-ray, due in the fall.

This contest has all the twist and turns of a thriller, with the final showdown coming this fall, when the PlayStation 3 hits shelves.

If you'd asked me several months ago, when the studios were lining up in force for Blu-ray, I would have said Sony had won the battle without a doubt. But HD DVD has deftly kept in the game, launching first (albeit with a whimper) and gaining the backing of Microsoft.

The next move is up to Sony, which can't afford a misstep.

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