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Box Office Boost

2 Aug, 2006 By: Stephanie Prange

Being ignored in much of the doom and gloom pervading the studios is the stronger box office performance this year.

That's why I was glad 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's Mike Dunn pointed out that the second half of the DVD year (boosted by a strong box office in the first) will be up 5%.

“Better movies make for a better DVD market,” he noted.

The DVD business has had the added growth of catalog and TV DVD to boost it over the past few years — smoothing out the ups and downs of the movie business — but now more than ever the hits coming out of the theatrical pipeline are preeminent. In a mature industry, the new release arena is what will drive DVD until Blu-ray or HD DVD take off and allow the studios to sell catalog all over again.

Here's hoping that a strong second half will lead to a happy new year for the video industry.

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