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Big Screen Costs Big Bucks

11 Jul, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

While lots of folks have been bellyaching about the quality of the movies this summer and blaming it for the downturn at the box office, my money is on the money.

I went to a matinee with my daughters, 7 and 3, and paid $21 for the tickets alone. With the cost of popcorn, drinks ($4 apiece) and other sundries, the bill was well north of $35. The tickets to a local amusement park are about $15 apiece right now, so for about the same price, I could have purchased a day of fun instead of just two hours.

When folks are having to pay so much more for gas — as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment chief Mike Dunn noted at our recent DVD Magic 8 conference — they have to cut back on extras, and movies at sometimes $10 a ticket are a natural choice. And I'm sorry, at $4 for a soda, my kids are going to have to drink from the water fountain if we ever go to the movies again.

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