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Barbie Rocks!

23 Aug, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

My 6-year-old daughter watched Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper five times this weekend.

While I have written about the genius of pairing Barbie and video in the past, this weekend it was crystal clear what makes this pairing so potent.

From the minute they enter their first toy store, little girls know Barbie. The Barbie movies, the most recent of which is particularly well-done, reinforce this marketing and propel little girls into the stores looking for the video-themed toys.

My daughter, for one, is obsessed with the new Barbie movie. She sings the songs along with the sing-along feature on the DVD. At the local Target, she begged for the corresponding dolls, which cost more than $100 for the whole set.

That's quite a money-making machine for the Barbie team and quite a tribute to the movie. I've seen my daughter crow about Barbie titles before, but this one has been a true obsession.

Kudos to Lions Gate Entertainment and its Family Home Entertainment label for shepherding such a successful production.

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