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Another Reason to Love DVD: It's the Perfect Father's Day Gift

2 Jun, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

I was browsing around a Borders location yesterday and noticed a sign in the window touting: “DVD for D-A-D.”

And it's really true, I think. DVD is perfect for Father's Day. After all, Father's Day (whether you think of it as a manufactured bogus holiday or not) has always been a little bit tougher than Mother's Day. On one hand, expectations are usually a bit lower from dads because they don't put nearly as much stock into the “holiday' as moms. On the other hand, it's harder, because what do you get for your dad to say ‘Hey, thanks for sitting in the chair by the door reading the newspaper during my flute lessons for all those years.”

With Mom it's easy: a sappy card, a lunch date, a few flowers and you've pretty much sent her to the Kleenex box.

We were kind of lucky growing up in my family when it came to Father's Day gifts. My dad didn't wear ties to work, but he was really into books and music, and we knew exactly what kinds, because he was always foisting his tastes onto us. Also, he was pretty much blas? about the whole Father's Day thing.

Now, it's all about DVD — specifically Lord of the Rings, for him and for my uncle as well. New Line's timing with Return of the King couldn't have been better. And they're always asking me “Hey Jesse, when does [insert upcoming sci-fi/fantasy/action/thriller here] come out on DVD?” So, basically, I always have some idea of what to get them for any occasion.

My brother-in-law is another one. He's a new dad, and all about the showering of Father's Day gifts, and he's a DVD freak to boot. The only problem with him is making sure I time it right and make my sister put the brakes on his DVD spending so he doesn't buy what I'm planning to give him.

For Christmas, I piled a bunch of classic films and war movies into a steel bucket with some gourmet popcorn and gave it to my grandpa.

He cried.

So, now he's getting some World War II DVD stuff for Father's Day.

There are so many genres and types of product out there on DVD that there's practically something for any dad.

And we don't have to do hardly any work for that perfect gift. The retailers help us out with plenty of signs and merchandising to offer DVD suggestions for dads.

Maybe I'll eke out a few tears this Father's Day after all.

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