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Air Rambo

18 Nov, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

This week, Lions Gate Home Entertainment bowed an online sweepstakes in conjunction with the Nov. 23 DVD boxed set release of Rambo Ultimate Edition, featuring First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III.

In addition to swimming with a Great White shark and learning desert survival tactics most likely not found on reality TV, the grand prize winner — to be randomly selected in January from entries received at www.rambodvd.com — could learn to fly a military jet.

I'm not a fan of air travel, but commandeering a jet fighter seemed really cool — and a stretch. Maybe the winner would actually sit in a jet-flight simulator living out his or her Top Gun fantasies.

So I called up Jodie Magid at Lions Gate, who confirmed that, yes, indeed, the winner opting for Air Force fun would actually become airborne in, and take control of, an L-39 fighter jet.

As a prerequisite, the winner would receive ground school training, prepare the aircraft for flight, learn the physiological effects of "G" force, and familiarize themselves with the basic flying characteristics of the L-39.

Alas, the winner won't be able to land the jet due to the extensive instrumental training required — a minor setback possibly for Richard Branson types — but cool with me.

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