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A Word On Practicing What We Preach

27 May, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

I can't help but be a bit amused about the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA)'s online pitch to get members to join its benchmarking survey.

“Am I overstaffed? Is my wage structure out of line? Am I maximizing revenue?” goes the animated e-pitch, which purports to offer answers at a later date for those who participate.

Funny thing is, members are asking the organization those very same questions about VSDA over on the discussion boards. Mainly they are asking board candidates to account for the money VSDA takes in every year and how it is spent, since only board members who meet in secret get complete reports.

I'm guessing – yes, guessing – that participation has been low this year. The deadline got pushed back from May 15 to June 6. If you judge by the discussion boards, some folks aren't sure VSDA can answer the very valid questions it's asking.

I'm not dinging the survey. It's the kind of exercise that could help a lot of businesses tighten up and solve problems that might otherwise drain their profits.

I am, however, struggling to keep from laughing at how an organization that won't reveal its own business practices can expect to comment on anyone else's – at least with any credibility. While VSDA is benchmarking you, who's benchmarking VSDA?

Am I off base? Tell me what you think. Just push that little reply button down there and lemme have it. I make my comments right out here in the open. You can too.

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