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A Look Back Before Our Leap Forward

20 Jun, 2004 By: Kurt Indvik

When you pick up this week's issue of Video Store Magazine, you'll notice a certain heft to this edition. You can attribute the weight gain to 25 years of publishing, which we celebrate in this, our 25th anniversary issue. This is the biggest regular tabloid issue of VSM since the magazine converted to tab size in 1993.

This publication would not have survived its first year of life (as the large majority of magazine launches fail), nor would it have flourished for as long as it has without the support of its readers and advertisers. All of us here at VSM are grateful for both, and we work hard to earn that continued support every single week.

Beginning on page 21, we celebrate not just the magazine's history, but also the history of the home entertainment industry. From the early days of hi-fi shops selling VHS and Betamax movies and the battle over the First Sale doctrine, to a burgeoning rental business and VHS' heyday, and now the industry's resurgence with DVD and transformation from a pure rental model to one with a major sellthrough component. Through it all, VSM has been there to cover the news and explore the issues.

The effort involves the hard work and dedication of a talented group of editorial, research, design/graphics, advertising and production team members who have to, without fail, deliver on deadline, 52 weeks out of the year.

We are stewards of an important information and news source for the industry that was started 25 years ago and has been passed along by many dedicated and talented people through the years. Like all good stewards, we here now strive to improve on their efforts, as will future VSM staffs. Helping in this endeavor is the invaluable contribution of VSM veterans who bring a wealth of industry knowledge: sales executives Denis Cambruzzi (20 years with VSM) and Julie Savant (16 years), group editor and associate publisher Thomas K. Arnold (13 years), publisher Don Rosenberg (10 years) and executive editor Stephanie Prange (10 years).

The rest of our great editorial and design team that delivers a quality news magazine every week — and the terrific research group that provides so much exclusive data to the industry — all share the same goal: to serve the home entertainment industry. Now, we look forward to the next 25 years.

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