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A Horrifying Fad

21 Mar, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

With The Ring Two from earning $36 million this past weekend, it's clear the American public is hot on horror.

If ever there was a time to spotlight horror, this is it. Asian horror films, such as those from Tartan Films, are a good idea to bring out. Like DreamWorks' The Ring Two, they are the current and creepy genre of choice. MGM Home Entertainment April 5 will release the “Amityville Horror” four-disc set, which is poised to capitalize on the upcoming release of the original in the series as a remake. I'd also spotlight all the classic series, including the “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” films. The “Scream” series is another franchise sure to spark consumer interest. Don't forget such suspense thrillers as The Sixth Sense and The Others, which bear remarkable similarities to some of the Asian films making inroads in the domestic market.

Philosophers have said horror and drama provide catharsis — a type of release of emotions — to the theatergoing public. Judging by the popularity of frightful films, the U.S. moviegoing audience is ripe for a few fake scares.

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