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'Simpsons' DVDs Returning With Season 18

23 Jul, 2017 By: John Latchem

After a three-year hiatus, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will resume releasing past seasons of “The Simpsons” on disc.

In a July 22 announcement at San Diego Comic-Con International, Fox announced The Simpsons: The Eighteenth Season will arrive on DVD Dec. 5 (order date Nov. 1).

The show’s cast and creators were on hand at this year’s Comic-Con to promote the show’s upcoming 29th season.

Shortly after the 17th season of the show was released on DVD and Blu-ray in December 2014, the show’s producers said Fox decided to discontinue further discs of the show, citing widespread availability of the episodes online. The move upset many fans, who spent the intervening years campaigning for Fox to return to “Simpsons” DVD releases, an effort that seems to have been rewarded.

The four-DVD season 18 set will include all 22 episodes with audio commentary by the cast and creators; deleted scenes with commentary; a bonus “Fat Tony” episode from season 28, “22 for 30”; multi-angle animation showcase; a special language feature; and “A Conversation With Fat Tony.”

Commentaries have also reportedly been recorded for future releases of season 19 and season 20. The show’s 20th season was previously released on DVD and Blu-ray out of sequence in 2010 with limited extras.


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