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Our Family Wedding (Blu-ray Review)

1 Jul, 2010 By: Daniel Xu

Street 7/13/10
Box Office $20.2 million
$29.98 DVD,  $39.99 Blu-ray
Rated ‘PG-13’ for some sexual content and brief strong language.
Stars Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia, America Ferrera, Lance Gross, Regina King.

Our Family Wedding sets itself up cautiously with all the right rom-com elements — generational quandaries, pre-wedding doubts and joyful reconciliations — along with an all-star cast that includes Oscar winner Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland). It is also the latest take on the Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner formula, this time by director Rick Famuyiwa (Brown Sugar), smashing together two families with more differences than their skin color.

Whitaker plays a black radio host whose own failed marriage provides him little faith in his son’s engagement. To complicate things, the Mexican-American owner of a towing company (Carlos Mencia of “Mind of Mencia”) who hauled away his Jaguar during an earlier, rather unpleasant encounter turns out to be the father of the woman who wants to marry his son. What follows is an endless series of slapstick, if less-than-original, fiascos involving cake fights, crazy relatives and a goat on Viagra stampeding the party. All is well for a popcorn flick.

The clash-of-the-cultures premise, however, is slow to pan out, and the ethnic traditions and conflicts ultimately fade into the background in favor of wedding-movie clichés.

In the end, this movie is just another chick flick for those who can appreciate its stars more than its characters.

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