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I Am (DVD Review)

27 Oct, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Street 11/2/10
$22.98 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13.’
Stars Kate Bishop, Tomas Boykin, Christinna Chauncey.

This Christian drama plays out like Babel or Crash, in which the individual storylines end up connected with each other.

Each plotline applies the 10 commandments, or rather, the breaking of the 10 commandments. Some of those ways are pretty extreme, such as the heiress dying of cancer who has her body cryogenically frozen until there’s a cure. And some are more applicable to more people, such as choosing between a job and a girlfriend or not taking time out to be with your family and loved ones.

There’s the beautiful reporter who has an affair with a married man and gets pregnant, the fading rock star whose talented son dies in a car accident, the vengeful police officer whose wife dies in a medical experiment and the wealthy, shady businessman whose only ambition is to make money, no matter what dirty work is involved.

And throughout the film, there’s a random Zen-like Jimi Hendrix-looking guy who talks to the characters in a therapeutic — not preachy — way to help them see right from wrong.

The film has some clear messages, but doesn't talk down or preach to its audience.

By the time the movie ends, the characters find some resolution, but things aren’t altogether fixed. As writer-director-actor John Ward and producer-actor Todd Zeile (yes, the former Major League Baseball third baseman) explain in the opening featurette, the point of the film is to spur discussion. And the issues raised certainly could make Christians — or anyone with moral guidelines — stop and reflect on their own lives. In fact, Ward and Zeile asked 20th Century Fox to release the movie to churches nationwide before releasing it on DVD so the film can be used a springboard for discussion.

The film contains music by Katharine PcPhee (“American Idol”) and Christian music artist Travis Ryan.

I Am also was endorsed by Christian author Lee Strobel, who offers some words of inspiration in a separate featurette.

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