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Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest (DVD Review)

Blue Harvest

By : John Latchem | Posted: 20 Jan 2008

Animated Comedy
$22.98 DVD, $34.99 special-edition DVD
Not Rated.
Voices of Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, Mike Henry.

Considering all the “Star Wars” references featured on “Family Guy” over the years, a full-on parody was probably inevitable. The hilarious Blue Harvest is basically a straightforward spoof of Episode IV: A New Hope, featuring “Family Guy” characters in the key roles. The episode aired in September, but the DVD features an extended cut.

Some of the better gags involve characters pointing out plot holes in the original movie. Highlights include an animated cameo by composer John Williams, a spectacularly ridiculous lineup of pilots attacking the Death Star, and Rush Limbaugh as a talk show host complaining about the politics of a galaxy far, far away.

If the episode has a drawback, it's that it's too reverential toward the original film in re-creating the visual effects in animation, when “Family Guy”-style designs may have better served the piece.

The DVD features a pretty good interview with George Lucas conducted by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, who tries to play it straight, although his respect for the “Star Wars” creator is clear. Also included is a behind-the-scenes vignette and a montage of “Family Guy” references to “Star Wars.” The reel is missing a few clips that had already been seen in the making-of special.


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