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3D Street Artist Pays Tribute to ‘Life of Pi’

14 Mar, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

'Life of Pi' 3D street art by Tracy Lee Stum

LOS ANGELES — 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment was looking to do something unique for the release of the Academy Award-winning film Life of Pi.

They had a willing participant in the form of 3D street artist Tracy Lee Stum.

“I had been thinking: 'What a great film, and what great material to make a drawing from, and then I was approached by them to do this,'” Stum said. “And then they asked me. ‘Yay, I get to do something I really want to do!’”

Stum took 30 hours to complete the 3D chalk artwork — featuring a whale jumping over the raft and boat carrying the film’s characters onto the sidewalk — at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.

“It’s hard to tear yourself away from the drawing when you get into the groove,” she said.

While passersby lined up to have their photo taken on the artwork, Stum explained that she and Fox went through several ideas, “but kept coming back to the whale.”

“It offers a great opportunity for interaction. People love it,” Stum said. “They’re super excited to know it’s 3D, and they keep commenting that it’s really beautiful, which I appreciate hearing.”

The drawing was to stay put at the entertainment complex through March 16.

The artwork isn’t the only thing Fox is doing to mark the release. The studio is launching a public service announcement campaign to raise awareness for wild tiger conservation, in conjunction with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Fox will also donate a portion of every disc sold to WWF’s tiger conservation efforts.

Life of Pi linked the fates of one boy and one tiger together, mesmerizing millions of people around the world,’’ said Mary Daily, president of worldwide marketing and chief marketing officer for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. “Our partnership with WWF creates new opportunities for us to protect the fates of an entire population of wild tigers, while at the same time celebrating at home the riveting movie experience that took our breath away.’’

Ang Lee, Oscar-winning director of the film, also remarked about the partnership with WWF.

“While film has the power to make us believe in the unbelievable and beautifully capture a tiger’s graceful presence, in reality, the tiger’s world is far from magical,” Lee said. “Partnering with WWF allows us to align around a shared passion:  ensuring wild tigers have a permanent home so we can all continue to appreciate these animals, not only on the big screen, but in the wild where they will hopefully remain for generations to come.”

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