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Kathy Smith Shows Off New Moves

Leslie McClure, 411 Video; Jenna Sonenshein, Lionsgate, and Kathy Smith.

By Chris Tribbey | Posted: 02 Feb 2009

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Fitness guru Kathy Smith has sold millions of workout videos and DVDs, and on Jan. 30 she showed why she’s so successful.

Smith invited friends and members of the media into her home and danced them through a simple and fun workout before serving a healthy meal. While her moves and her description of the Kathy Smith: Dance Your Body Slim Double Feature (on DVD March 3 at $14.98; prebook Feb. 4) made for good promotion, her trim 57-year-old figure was the only selling point anyone needed.

“Look at this woman!” said Leslie McClure of 411 Video Information, which is helping Lionsgate promote the release. “What woman wouldn’t want to look like this?”

Jenna Sonenshein, home entertainment brand manager for Lionsgate, said the two-DVD set appeals to anyone serious about getting in shape but wants to have a fun time doing it. “This is really her first dance DVD that she’s really done,” Sonenshein said. “For weight loss, this is just great fun, dancing … and you still get a workout.”

The DVDs include six dance workouts meant to burn calories and tone muscle. Two 20-minute choreographed dances (Latin and belly) are the main events, with stretch routines and cool-down exercises rounding things out. Bonus features include tutorials, a performance by belly-dancing star Ansuya and a tutorial on learning Latin dancing with a partner.

“For belly dancing, it’s very small movements that work your core,” Smith said. “This is for anybody who wants to try a different workout. … It can be very vigorous and you’ll kind of lose any sense of time.

“Dancing keeps you coming back.”

The March 3 release comes on the heels of Smith’s Total Body Lift DVD in December.

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