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Fitness Icon Denise Austin Weighs in With Two New DVDs

16 Sep, 2009 By: Angelique Flores

Fitness star Denise Austin is releasing what she says are her most challenging DVDs yet, in time for the upcoming fitness season.

Lionsgate releases Denise Austin: 3-Week Boot Camp and Denise Austin: Body Makeover Mix Dec. 1 at $14.98 each. Order date is Nov. 4.

3-Week Boot Camp offers cardio, strength training and ab excersises designed to help users lose two sizes in three weeks. In an interval-training segment, Austin gives a kettlebell-inspired workout using the dumbbells.

Body Makeover Mix is a strength training DVD with upper body sculpting, lower body sculpting, and ab and core conditioning segments. Austin also incorporates ballet-inspired movements in the workout.

Each DVD also features instructions and tips from Austin to make the most of the workout, as well as a music-only option.

“I’m answering all the people who tell me they want a challenge,” she said about the two DVDs.

Austin reaches out to her fans through DeniseAustin.com and her free daily e-mail, which is sent to 1.5 million inboxes. She frequently asks her fans what kind of workouts they want to see on her DVD.

“We get tremendous responses,” she said.

In keeping up with new fitness trends and popular methods, Austin has incorporated a kettlebell-style workout in 3-Week Boot Camp and the use of ballet-inspired workouts in Body Makeover Mix.

“People write to me telling me they love these workouts,” she said.

Listening to her fans may be a key component in Austin’s longevity. Austin got her big break from fitness legend Jack LaLanne, who invited her to co-host “The Jack LaLanne Show” in 1981. She later had her own show on several channels, including ESPN and Lifetime. In those shows, she would test new workouts and listened to viewers who wrote in with feedback.

Austin landed on the forefront of fitness videos in the early days of the business, releasing her first video in 1984.

“It was the year MTV came out,” she said. “It was Rock Hard Abs and Rock Aerobics.”

She recalls wearing a 1980s-style leotard with a cutout showing her trademark rock hard abs.

“And my hair was big, and there were video screens behind me, like in MTV videos,” she said.

Twenty-five years later, Austin seems just as energetic as ever.

She will kick off promotions for the DVDs as well as her upcoming book Denise’s Daily Dozen Jan. 1. The campaign includes TV appearances and a 10-city tour.


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