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Acorn Media Celebrates Mother’s Day With Prenatal Yoga Demonstration

13 May, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Desi Bartlett (center) speaks to her yoga class May 12.

VENICE, Calif. — Desi Bartlett’s latest fitness DVD from Acorn Media’s Acacia brand is very different from anything she’s done before.

While she usually gets a sweat out of people with dance routines (Latin Groove), cardio and strength training (3-in-1 Total Body Fitness), and full body stretching (Yoga for Beginners), her May 5 DVD actually stresses a “gentle” approach.

“There was a feeling while I was doing it that I’m not only doing it for myself and the people who enjoy my stuff, but doing it mostly for my son,” said Bartlett, who was pregnant with her now 8-month-old son Cruz when she shot Prenatal Yoga. “If you just found out you’re pregnant, and your doctor tells you to back off on high impact sports, and do something more gentle, this DVD is it.”

Combining a Mother’s Day celebration with her recent DVD release, the fitness teacher May 12 showed roughly 20 women at different stages in their pregnancies how a lighter, more flowing form of yoga can help increase their stamina and energy and enhance their inner calm. Meditation and breathing techniques start the DVD, with flexible and relaxing postures emphasized during the routines.

“Sometimes you feel nauseated or out of energy, so this DVD lets you pick and choose what you feel you need that day,” Bartlett said.

Amanda O’Keefe, a 32-year-old Mar Vista, Calif. resident 32 weeks along in her pregnancy, said prenatal yoga has been good for her, and not just physically.

“I feel more connected with my baby, and it gives you confidence when it’s time. You fell like you know what to do,” she said. “You also get to meet other moms, and it’s fun to see where your body was, and where it’s going to be.”

The DVD also includes 10 minutes of additional workouts, an optional Spanish language track and an audio-only option with just instruction and music.

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