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Pink Ribbons, Inc. (DVD Review)

23 Sep, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Street 9/25/12
First Run
Box Office $0.03 million
$27.95 DVD
Not rated.

Pink Ribbons, Inc. is an honest, arresting look at the cause marketing campaigns for breast cancer awareness. Through interviews with activists and medical experts, the documentary raises some sobering questions that will make viewers look at pink ribbons in an all-new light.

With the proliferation of pink products (toilet paper, vacuums, guns — you name it) aimed at donating money toward breast cancer prevention, on top of the billions of dollars raised for the cause, you would think that some progress has been made. Unfortunately, breast cancer rates in America have risen to one in eight, according to the film.

Many women living with breast cancer reject the language used to describe the disease. Some said words such as “survivor” and “battle” give the wrong impression that if you fight hard enough, you can overcome the disease. The sad reality is, you can’t count on that.

Hearing from a group of women with Stage IV cancer was deeply saddening, as they expressed that they felt corporations are profiting off of their illness. For instance, it was laughable to see a Ford commercial in which a woman says the first thing she wanted to do after her breast cancer diagnosis was hit the open road in a Mustang. Get real.

Likewise, it was difficult to hear the terminal patients talk about feeling shunned from the rest of the cancer community, given the finality of their future.

While at times the tough issues raised made me feel helpless, after viewing Pink Ribbons, Inc. I felt better equipped to do my part in bringing change. One of the impactful takeaways from the doc is that if you desire to donate to the cause, you must do research to ensure that your money is being spent for what you intend.

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