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Four Seasons Lodge (DVD Review)

19 Aug, 2010 By: Alexandra Hammarth

First Run
Box Office $0.06 million
$24.95 DVD
Not rated.

Released years ago from the cruel reign of the Nazi party, a group of Holocaust survivors reunite for their 26th consecutive year not just to re-hash repressed memories, but to commemorate the strong bonds of friendship.

Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, the clan gets together one summer only to conclude it may be their final year. They celebrate this final year with the strong bonds they made from the treacherous ties that brought them together.

Most if not all these men and women had no family at the time of their release from the camps, and finding these other survivors was like finding lost family. One of the women explains, “It doesn’t matter where we go, doesn’t matter where we are, we just want to be together.”

Their warm greetings don’t even stand a chance of getting sidetracked from the major hailstorm that welcomes their first day, as their spirit still beams through the screen. This core group of friends experienced a lot since their freedom, both good and bad. Take childhood friends Tobias and Lola, who both lost their spouses over the years and because of the Catskill reunions, found each other and have been inseparable.

It’s more than the tattooed numbers on their arms that these people share. Swapping survival stories over card games seems so casual to them, but is entrancing to the viewer.

An interesting note about the filmmaking is the abundance of wide-panel shots, often of the group walking together, which all alludes to the theme of how these friends are always banded together.

Though their last reunion is somewhat bittersweet, it’s immediately understood that their legacies won’t soon be forgotten.

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