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Younger Viewers Moving Away From Physical Media

7 Jan, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Fewer and fewer kids are getting their entertainment via physical means, and that trend will only continue, according to a new report from research firm The NPD Group.

The report, Kids & Digital Content III, found that the use of digital music, instead of store-bought CDs, by kids ages 2-14, has increased 10% since 2007, while gaming and movies continue to be mostly a physical product.

Gaming is the most popular activity among children, with 85% of parents surveyed saying their kids were playing games either on a computer, portable media device, cell phone or set-top gaming system; 60% were listening to music, while about 33% were watching movies.

Separately, a study by Move Networks indicated 70% of college-age viewers have watched television online, and 55% watch more than half their television programming via the Internet.

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