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Warner Premiere Teams With Bryan Singer, McG on Multiplatform Series

23 Sep, 2010 By: John Latchem

Warner Premiere is creating two live-action multiplatform digital series featuring top Hollywood talent. The series are co-financed through an agreement with entertainment industry veteran Dolphin Entertainment (“Zoey 101,” “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”), which will work with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution to find placement and promotional support via cable, satellite, broadband and mobile clients.

The first titles under the agreement are the futuristic survival tale “H+” from producer Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects), and a high-school action thriller called “Aim High” from producer McG (Charlie’s Angels, Terminator: Salvation).

“H+” is set in 2019, when 33% of the world’s population can implant a computer system into their brains to connect directly to the Internet 24 hours a day. However, the world’s social and political landscape is radically changed when a mysterious computer virus infects the system and kills millions of people within seconds.

“The epic nature of the story combined with its interactive components makes it an ideal Web series,” Singer said.

“Aim High” tells the story of a high-school sophomore who by night serves as a secret agent for the government.

“While I’ve produced material in this space before, this particular series will consist of longer episodes with multiple derivative stories,” McG said. “The goal here will be for the content to be viewed on a TV screen through an on-demand network as opposed to the free Web. This approach is very innovative and exciting.”

Both series are expected to go into production by the end of the year. “Aim High” will shoot in Los Angeles starting in October.

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