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Vudu Launches Web Application

16 Dec, 2008 By: Michael Lee

Set-top movie-delivery box provider Vudu has announced the launch of its Vudu RIA, or rich Internet application, to bring Web-hosted rich applications and services to its set-top box and other compatible consumer electronics devices. 

The company also has created an initial set of applications and services in a new area of the Vudu home page, called Vudu labs.  Among the applications included are Flickr, Picaa and the entire YouTube library. 

“Vudu RIA enables us to quickly open up huge libraries of Web-based content to TVs in living rooms around America,” said Edward Lichty, EVP of strategy and content. “We are excited to deliver both high-quality TV shows as well as Web applications which enable our customers to share their photos and watch the tens of millions of YouTube videos on their HDTVs.”


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