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Time Warner Vulnerable to Broadband Sub Cancellation

24 Nov, 2008 By: Billy Gil

A survey by analyst firm Strategy Analytics shows three out of every four U.S. broadband subscribers would be willing to leave their current broadband service provider, with Time Warner Cable most vulnerable to customer defections.

The survey, “Broadband Satisfaction and Customer Churn: US 2H’08,” gauged sensitivity to various broadband speeds and prices, as well as reasons for churn. The report found nearly 80% of consumers said issues with scheduling installation were “somewhat” or “very” important in deciding to switch providers,

“The implications for BSPs are clear,” said John Lee, analyst in the Strategy Analytics Digital Consumer Practice. “In this highly competitive and commoditizing market, companies can differentiate through customer service.”

While rival providers AT&T and Verizon were also shown to be vulnerable, Cox Communications was shown to have the most secure customer base.

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