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Tech Group to Develop Broadband Content Standard

By Chris Tribbey | Posted: 07 Oct 2008

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) wants a standard for delivering broadband content, and it’s not waiting for anyone else to come up with one.

The technical group believes a set standard adopted by all for mastering and packaging content for broadband network distribution would “fuel fresh business models by enabling consumers to purchase entertainment from any online destination and play it back on any device.”

SMPTE is forming a technical committee, which will first meet Oct. 27 before SMPTE’s Annual Tech Conference and Expo in Hollywood, to come up with the standard.

“The industry needs to adopt standard content and container formats for the entire electronic distribution ecosystem,” said Wendy Aylsworth, engineering VP for SMPTE. “More media than ever is flowing to consumers outside traditional TV and cinema channels, and currently it can only be accessed on a limited subset of services and devices because there are no interoperability standards.”

In addition to coming up with a universal delivery system for broadband content, SMPTE’s new committee will be tasked with establishing procedures for uniform captions and subtitles for content.

Those interested in joining the committee must be members of SMPTE.

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