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CDSA Meeting Attendees Say Digital Content Must Be Moveable

22 Sep, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

The initial meeting of the Content Delivery and Storage Association’s (CDSA) Content Owners Advisory Board Sept. 16 resulted in agreement that consumers are easily frustrated when content doesn’t move easily between devices, and that allowing content to move freely between different media players is the industry’s biggest digital delivery challenge.

The discussion on the digital delivery supply chain drew representatives from major studios, software companies and industry analysts. The advisory board also voiced concerns regarding an accurate tally of digital download sales by online retailers.

While the advisory board is acting as an industry forum, and not a standards board, the CDSA is hoping its input will have long-lasting effects.

“Education about the importance of building a robust digital delivery supply chain to support the content community and increasing the awareness of the business opportunities can facilitate online distribution,” said CDSA President Charles Van Horn. “CDSA with its alliances with the content owners, the supply chain providers and the retailers is in a unique position to assume this educational role.”

Representatives from Microsoft, WEA, NBC Universal, Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, MGM, Sony BMG, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. and Universal Music Group attended the meeting, with Tom Adams of Adams Media Research moderating.

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