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Cookie Jar Content Headed to iTunes

October 02, 2008

Cookie Jar Entertainment (formerly DIC Entertainment) has made available several of its children’s programs on the iTunes Store.

Arts+Labs Unites Tech Companies, Content Creators

By Billy Gil | Posted: 01 Oct 2008

In lieu of fighting legal battles over piracy, a new group called Arts+Labs gathers several media technology companies to promote free, legal content on the Web.

Arts+Labs is co-chaired by Bill Clinton’s former press secretary Mike McCurry and by Mark McKinnon, who has served as media advisor for the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain. The group will strive to educate consumers on where to legally get songs, movies and TV shows on the Web.

“It’s almost like safe sex,” McCurry said.

Founding members of the group are AT&T, Viacom, NBC Universal, a unit of General Electric, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the Songwriters Guild of America.

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