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Pastor Shepherd (DVD Review)

16 Nov, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Street 11/23/10
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Pastor Shepherd, Maria-Elena Laas, Danny Trejo.

Quirky doesn’t even begin to describe Pastor Shepherd, based on the online phenomenon found at PrayerHour.com and YouTube.com.

Shepherd is a simple-minded salesman who works for a company that freeze-dries deceased pets. His hobby is chainsaw sculpting. Shepherd’s boss Dewey, who has Down Syndrome, is not only smarter than Shepherd, he’s a jerk, in the most hilarious way. Dewey wears 1970s polyester suits and constantly berates Shepherd, calling him “Shep-turd.”

Shepherd lives with his ailing mother, who is obsessed with a televangelist. They live next door to Phil (Danny Trejo, who also executive produced) and Phil’s beautiful daughter, Annamaria. There’s also the neighbor Derrick, and a little person who has a crush on Annamaria, and Jordan, the Latino convenience-store worker who is either dancing salsa or working out while behind the store counter.

To make his mom happy, Shepherd takes her on a road trip to meet her favorite televangelist at a revival and talent show. Phil and Annamaria go along for the ride so Phil can see his brother on the way. At the end of the trip, Shepherd is inspired to become a pastor, much to the happiness to his mother.

The plot here isn’t all that compelling, but it’s not noticeable with this cast of characters. Just watching to see this unusual ensemble of actors come onscreen and hear the subtle, offbeat yet humorous dialogue is more than entertaining enough.

If you like quirky indie films, this is one to definitely check out.

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