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Partners (DVD Review)

2 Dec, 2009 By: Erik Gruenwedel


Street 12/8/09
$19.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Christopher Iengo, Adam Piacente, Aaron Katter.

New York Police Department detectives Christopher Perez (Christopher Iengo) and Steve Clarkson (Adam Piacente) believe that Brooklyn (incredibly!) has become a breeding ground for chaos, calamity and criminal activity.

Their fears are confirmed when a mentally disturbed drug lord (Aaron Katter) sets off a power struggle/war between local gangs, mafia leaders and the police — seemingly for the thrill of it.

As big-city crime dramas go, the independent film Partners barely scratches new ground — unless casting girlfriends, friends and Brooklyn neighbors to wave guns around and act menacing (while trying to keep a straight face) qualifies.

This low-budget film, which won the Best Drama/Action Feature award at the 2008 Staten Island Film Festival, is not without its merits.

The opening scene cinematography is well-done (despite the old-school Phil Collins song). Actors Iengo (in his first credited role) and Piacente have good chemistry (their verbal sparring at times seems ad-libbed, adding a sense of authenticity) and the duo appear destined for character stardom, if given the opportunity.

Indeed, Piacente could double for Owain Yeoman as agent Wayne Rigsby on CBS TV’s “The Mentalist.”

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