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Motherhood (DVD Review)

22 Jan, 2010 By: Angelique Flores


Prebook 1/26/10; Street 2/23/10
Box Office $0.09 million
$24.98 DVD or Blu-ray
Rated ‘PG-13’ for language, sexual references and a brief drug comment.
Stars Uma Thurman, Anthony Edwards, Minnie Driver, Samantha Bee.

In Motherhood the gorgeous Uma Thurman takes a long leap from the tough assassin Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill. As Eliza, she is a former writer who quit working when she and her husband starting having children.

Between being a wife, a mother of two and a blogger for her own site on motherhood, as well as taking care of the family dog and doing errands for her elderly neighbor all in busy Manhattan, Eliza feels like she’s lost touch with herself and her dreams and simple things such as having a smart, adult conversation.

Her challenges come to a head as she’s doing her usual mom/wife job while preparing for her daughter’s birthday. At the same time, she is trying to enter a writing contest whereby she could win the opportunity to become a regular columnist for a Web site. Both need to get done the same day.

At the end of Eliza’s perfect storm, she gets the needed shot in the arm in order to push forward and be happy.

While my hat goes off to anyone who is a parent, this film doesn’t do justice to motherhood. It seems Thurman is breaking a sweat and is out of breath through much of this film. It makes having kids seem more like a chore than a joy. She can’t even manage to get dressed one morning, and takes her daughter to school while still wearing her nightgown.

Thurman shows depth in her role, and Minnie Driver, who plays Eliza’s friend Sheila, provides a little comic relief to Eliza’s stressed out day,

Motherhood is good for anyone who’s a fan of Thurman or looking for a simple story meant to entertain and not make you think.

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