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Blind Date (DVD Review)

19 Dec, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Blind Date

Street 12/22/09
Romantic Comedy

Box Office $0.008 million
$26.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson.

Stanley Tucci stars in, wrote and directed this intimate film about a couple who write and answer each other’s personal ads in an attempt to bridge a distance between them.

Don (Tucci) works as a purposefully hapless magician at a nightclub whose act can’t conjure laughs from the few patrons it receives. Janna (Patricia Clarkson, continuing the trend of being transcendent in everything she’s in) is his semi-estranged wife.

It’s fine to give this much away because what ensues reveals more awful secrets between the couple, explaining why they undergo these strange role-playing, cat-and-mouse games.

Tucci’s fourth film as director and third as writer is witty and small in the best way, feeling like the dinner theater production at which Tucci’s character performs. The proceedings of different ads pulling the couple together as a psychiatrist and patient, reporter and aggressive woman and dancing partners, to name a few scenarios, are entertaining in and of themselves but could have become interminable if not for Clarkson, whose dedication to the grieving, intense Janna keeps will keep viewers rapt, waiting to see what situation the couple puts itself in next.

For fans of intellectual, romantic indies with dark lining, Blind Date does not disappoint.

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