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Y.M.I. (DVD Review)

13 Jul, 2008 By: Pete Croatto


Prebook 7/18/08; Street 8/26/08
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Marek Probosz, Cy Carter, William Smith, R. Lee Ermey, Mageina Tovah, Andrew Mariano Jr., Owen Williams.

Veteran actor Marek Probosz's directing and writing debut examines three Goth teens driving through the eerie, desolate California nighttime in the hopes of killing themselves and facing “the transcendence of death.”

Most viewers will hope they commit the fatal act sooner rather than later.

As their nocturnal drive progresses, the young men (Williams of Til Night, Carter of Starship Troopers 2, and film newcomer Mariano Jr.) pick up others, including a cuckolded nebbish (Todd Patrick Breaugh of Gang Related) and a strange young lady (Desmond of The Hood Has Eyez) who is just as fascinated with the great beyond as the three friends. Also thrown into the morbid mix is the boys' history teacher (Probosz), whose gorgeous wife has been mysteriously killed.

Probosz aims for a movie featuring wayward youth and the lost world of California; call it a mix of Kids and Mulholland Drive, but be warned: Y.M.I. comes nowhere near the quality of those movies. This movie's plot is incomprehensible, it features not a single authentic character (though the presence of Full Metal Jacket star Ermey as a grizzled townie is most welcome), and the dialogue is either laughable or pedantic.

A movie about teenage suicide could have real value as an effective public service announcement, but with its showy production values and pseudo-poetic rambling, Y.M.I. won't have much sway in conveying that message. And that's too bad.

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