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Xavier: Renegade Angel — Season 1 and 2 (DVD Review)

22 Sep, 2009 By: Jordan Harrison


Prebook 9/22/09; Street 10/27/09
$19.97 two-DVD set
Not rated.

To simplify Adult Swim’s “Xavier: Renegade Angel” as an expression of the stream of consciousness does not fully describe the randomness of an episode.

The main character resembles a wookiee, but also has a beak, a venomous snake for one arm and his legs are backwards (apparently it is a combat-related injury). For as strange as he looks, his self-esteem and ego are on par with the most narcissistic person in Hollywood.

Throughout his adventures, Xavier encounters everything from redneck roughhousers to Latin thugs. He is more of an influence on some than he is on others. He is constantly spit on throughout the first episode and many of the stoner jokes that the writers hoped would land don’t fare too well. The show picks up after the second episode but also gets more bizarre.

In one scene, a mosquito is given CPR, comes back to life and lays eggs in Xavier’s brain. After the eggs hatch, they form a super mosquito in the shape of a human, which is then used to fight off the villain of the episode.
Most of the extras consist of homemade fan videos. One video consists of little more than a dog eating ketchup with a strange voice commenting.

For viewers capable of enjoying an extreme turn toward the esoteric, “Xavier: Renegade Angel” seems like the perfect show.

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