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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! -- A Tale of Tails (DVD Review)

17 Aug, 2008 By: Rachel Cericola


Prebook 8/21/08; Street 9/23/08
Anchor Bay
$16.98 DVD
Not rated.

Wubbzy lives in a tree. He likes to play, play, play! He's got a bendy tail, and he likes it that way!

So goes the theme to "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!," Nick Jr.'s cuddly cartoon — but what the heck is Wubbzy, anyway? Whether he's a pig, a bear, a dog, or a mix of all three, it doesn't matter. Little ones will be wowed by the multicolored, musical adventures of Wubbzy and his friends, Widget and Walden.

Bob Boyle created Wubbzy as a story for his then-10-year-old niece. Of course, he's gone through a few tweaks, and his first six TV appearances can be found on this first DVD release. While most 10-year-olds might glaze over at the idea of a cuddly character promoting tolerance, friendship, responsibility and honesty, younger kids will surely fall for the catchy, kooky pop songs, as well as each character, all the way down to Wubbzy's kickety kickball.

With more than 30 episodes airing on Nick Jr. each week, this DVD should have a built-in audience of eager preschoolers. This single disc includes eight previously aired episodes, including Wubbzy's debut, "A Tale of Tails."

Other features include a music video, a DVD-ROM game, and more. Look for plenty of toy tie-ins as well, including a set of Wubbzy-inspired Ty Beanie Babies.

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