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Wedding, The (Wesele) (DVD Review)

20 Apr, 2009 By: Angelique Flores


Street 4/28/09
$24.95 DVD.
In Polish with English subtitles.

Money is the root of all evil, and the cause for some laughs, in this black comedy. Wojnar is a wealthy man in a small Polish town. He has spared no expense for his daughter Kate’s wedding. While the day turns out less than perfect, it’s full of comical drama.

During the opening scene of The Wedding, a priest talks about money being the root of all evil. This sermon foreshadows the problems Wojnar encounters in trying to give his daughter everything she wants on her wedding day. From the band that stops playing unless its members get more money to the priest who takes a bribe for a donation to his church, everyone wants a piece of Wojnar’s money.

More drama unfolds when the food makes everyone sick, the photographer turns out to be Kate’s ex-boyfriend, and the car Wojnar buys for the newlyweds opens the door to yet more problems.

Even through the series of tragic events, there’s plenty of humor from the colorful characters and even some happy endings. Fans of the Coen brothers’ dark comedies will enjoy this one.

The only trouble I had was with the subtitles. I had to decipher what was probably being said with some of the inaccurate translations, which took away from completely enjoying the comedic romp. Still, the actors could hold their own against any Hollywood stars, and the storyline kept me interested. Humor is understood no matter what language.

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